Sarah Glover


@missarahglover caters events world-wide with her over the fire ways, runs a cookie company called Bondi Bikkies, and has released her first cook book - WILD. Check out some amazing shots on Sarah's recent adventure to Marion Bay, and read about her love of Tassie, food and community!

WT- What’s been your favourite wild adventure so far? 

SG- I would have to say the North west cost of Tassie, I went up there when I was a young whippersnapper surfing and cooking over fire, it truly is just so raw and wild, surfing with seals (ok not ideal) and driving on beaches with your 4WD so dreamy 

WT- What are your essentials when adventuring? 

SG- FOOD, hehe, always good food a heat source and some coffee. 

WT- Where do you find your inspiration?

SG- In nature, always, its just so bloody beautiful 

WT- What do you love about Tassie? 

SG- The people, nature, the food it really is just so amazing, it has it all. 

WT- Where would you most like to live in the whole world? And why?

SG- To be honest Tasmania with a warm option for winter, hehe. Properly a private island with pumping surf. 

Sunday morning eggs and bacon at Marion Bay - Captured by Luisa Brimble. 

You can find Sarah's WILD cookbook here-

We Loved seeing @missarahglover in her @wildtasmaniaco Tee on her recent adventure to Marion Bay!





Instagram-  @missarahglover




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